Whether you’re walking into a lecture hall to give a presentation, a boardroom to pitch your next great idea or into the CEO’s office to negotiate a raise, confidence in your ability to speak well will take you a long way. is a new way to learn and master speaking skills, polish your presentations and get one-on-one advice from professionals that have the experience you want.

Good speaking skills are the key to getting a higher paying job and are the main predictor of career success.

Not only do employers say that good communication skills are the trait they look for most in job candidates, but they list it as the skill that is most often lacking. Solid communications skills set you from other candidates, and can give you the edge when going for your dream job or promotion.

This blog post will show you how SpeakMeister will help you hone your skills so that you can take your career to the next level.

Create An Account accounts are free. After you sign up, you’ll have unlimited access to Challenges, Groups and other SpeakMeister members. The only feature that has an additional cost is coaching, which is completely optional.

Tutorials & Challenges

Want to learn a new skill? Challenges are short videos that provide information and tips on how to excel in a variety of speaking occasions. From telling a joke at a dinner party or a best man speech, challenges provide instruction and guidance. After watching the challenge, you can record your own video of your effort at the challenge presented. Experts agree that seeing yourself on video and getting feedback is one of the best ways to improve your performance. Other members and coaches can then offer feedback and

help you get better!


speakmeister tutorials and challenges



Life is better when you’ve found “your people”, right? SpeakMeister groups are where you’ll connect with other users that are focused on learning the same skills you are, or who are working toward a similar goal. With groups for entrepreneurs, students and even stand-up comedians, you’re sure to connect with great people and learn from our diverse community.

The chat feature is another great way to connect with fellow users and practice in real time.


speakmeister groups



If you’ve ever wanted to get a professional’s opinion before giving a presentation, or wanted someone with lots of experience to give you pointers on your elevator speech, the coaches of are your ultimate resource. Each coach has lots of experience you can draw on to hone your speaking skills in a one-on-one setting.  Chat with coaches via online chat, email or phone on a per-minute basis, meaning you only pay for the time you actually use.



speakmeister mentors and coaches is the communication school of the future. With community tools and experts to guide you, you’ll see a huge improvement in the way you present or speak to a crowd. Have questions?

Contact us!


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About The Author

Cheryl Mathews founded – a free online platform where you can upload selfie practice videos, and get valuable feedback from friends and expert coaches. She has her doctorate in Psychology and is a Board Certified Coach. She is also the author of the online, self-paced course Master Your Public Speaking Fear.