Experts agree that the best way to learn and master speaking skills is to utilize video. By being able to see yourself and analyze different aspects of your speech or presentation, you can improve your performance and continue to hone your skills. SpeakMeister Challenges are bite-sized skills videos that allow you to practice quickly and get feedback from our community.

Completing Challenges

Speak Meister Challenges

Once you’ve logged in, head to the Challenge section of This is where you’ll find all kinds of video challenges to view and complete. The videos are short and give instruction on various speaking topics.

Speakmeister-com Challenges

After viewing the challenge and reading more about the skill you’ll be practicing, use your webcam to record your own video of the challenge and submit it to the community for feedback. Or, you can participate with other SpeakMeister members in real time. features a free video conference feature so you can connect with other members for support and constructive feedback. SpeakMeister Groups are a great place to connect with others who are interested in the same challenges and topics you are. Check out more about different SpeakMeister Groups here. Your privacy is important, so you will control who is able to view any video you record and post. We recommend uploading your first video privately, so you can practice your skills and re-record if you want to. After you get the hang of the process, getting feedback from the community is your next step.


One of the best ways your speaking skills will improve is to have others view your challenge videos and give their thoughts. After you post your challenge video, SpeakMeister members can view, comment and give you a “Nailed It!” vote. After three members or one expert coach have given you a “Nailed It!” vote, your challenge will be considered complete and marked as such on your account. The completion of challenges then unlocks new challenges for you to record videos for and practice. The challenges become increasingly more difficult and build on core skills as you continue to grow and improve.

Speakmeister-com Feedback

Before and After

After practicing your skills and learning from the SpeakMeister community and your own review of your videos, you can compare your first video to your final challenge winner video. Aside from being able to see improvement in your performance, you’ll be able to physically see the progress you’re making utilizing skills.

Ready to get started? Sign up for here, it’s free! If you have questions about how SpeakMeister works, check out our other blog posts here. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with any questions you have, and we can’t wait to see your first challenge video! is the communication school of the future. With community tools and experts to guide you, you’ll see a huge improvement in the way you present or speak to a crowd. Have questions?

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