If you wanted to learn to play an instrument, you’d hire a professional to teach you. Learning to become a better speaker is no different. There are professionals with tons of experience that can coach you to become a more confident speaker and offer constructive feedback to improve your performance. SpeakMeister coaches are an affordable way to hire professional help to gain the confidence to take your skills to the next level.

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Whether you want to work with a coach with broad experience to get a general tune-up and feedback or your needs are more specific, SpeakMeister coaches are here to help. You can work with an expert in public speaking, job interviews, radio and TV appearances and more. These coaches have years of experience and can offer you a leg up when it comes to offering a polished performance.
Think you can’t afford to hire an expert coach? Think again. SpeakMeister coaches work on a micro-finance model and are available to talk via email, chat or phone. Each coach has a per-minute rate, meaning you get exactly the time you pay for. Whether you need 10 minutes to do a quick run-through of your speech or want a weekly appointment with a coach to help you nail your final doctoral presentation, we have coaches that can guide you. You can even record yourself and ask an expert to review it and provide notes. The SpeakMeister model is here to give you the most affordable and comprehensive tools to be your best.

By becoming a member of our community, you’ll see your skills improve and your confidence grow. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Click here to create your SpeakMeister profile today! is the communication school of the future. With community tools and experts to guide you, you’ll see a huge improvement in the way you present or speak to a crowd. Have questions?

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Cheryl Mathews founded – a free online platform where you can upload selfie practice videos, and get valuable feedback from friends and expert coaches. She has her doctorate in Psychology and is a Board Certified Coach. She is also the author of the online, self-paced course Master Your Public Speaking Fear.